No . . . Limit Poker

So, youre sitting on the dealer button and look down to find two Aces in the hole. This is going to be a good hand. As the action comes your way, player after player seem to be calling the big blind, looking to see a flop. Now the action is on you with three callers. You announce Raise, and make it two bets instead of one to see the flop. Only the small blind is scared out of the pot by your raise, and you take your once golden hand into the flop against four other players. What is this?

Its limit poker.

If this style of betting doesnt let you protect your big hands with big raises, why would you play limit 안전토토사이트 poker? The answer comes in two words.

Cash Games

Even though the favorite style of televised poker, and even home game poker is now tournament play, the old-fashioned cash game is still alive and well. And at the cash game tables, 메이저놀이터 limit is a popular style of betting.

Cash games have their advantages over tournament poker. For one, if you make a bad play, or take a bad beat, you dont lose your seat. Instead, you can buy back into the game.

Another advantage is that, for online players, ring game play is where all of your chances to...

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