What is iTunes

iTunes is a software developed by Apple Computers. It is a media player and is used to play and organize digital music and video files. You can also purchase digital music files through iTunes music stores within iTunes. You can use the program to manage music on iPod a popular digital audio player. iTunes when connected to the iTunes music store can assist in buying digital music and video files.

The iTunes is easy to use and can be downloaded easily. Computers having windows 2000, windows XP and windows server 2003 operating systems can run the iTunes.

Soundjam MP is a popular software by the Mackintosh software company Casady and Greene. This software helped to develop iTunes. Apple took over from them and till today added many significant features to iTunes. The iTunes helps users in many ways. You can organize the music into playlists, you can edit them, you can record them on compact discs and many more things can be done using iTunes. There is a built-in music store through which you can purchase music. Music can be juggled in all ways possible and special graphical effects can be added to the music and run by a visualizer.

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